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oxtiffylyn's Journal

4 October
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Lets see I am 26 years young! I have the most amazing baby girl ever, her birthday is Sept 11th and her name is Lillian Olivia <3

I am a Bus driver for Valpo schools and full-time Mommy!

I don't get on here too often anymore. but here and facebook are two great places to hit me up, the facebook title is oxtiffylyn as well.. my email is oxtiffylyn@yahoo.com. so hit me up sometimes.

my family is everything to me, and yes we are all this good looking. there is Tracy, my sis who has my adorable niece & nephew, Natalie & James! There's my little bro Anthony, haha the biggest jerki know, but I love him. . I have a mom, Laura, she is the best mommie ever.Well thats about it..