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Yeah I can be a bitch

So last night was my fault for sure. I seem to have acted like a complete brat last night, and I feel bad for it. I am not going to beat myself up too much for it because it wont get me anywhere to do so. I just wish I could be better at using my words and getting my point across.. I do have a quick question, Has anyone every told you they loved you and you said nothing to them? Was it because you didn't love them back or was it because you were scared or because WHAT? This is just bothering me, and I wish I could just have the answers to everything but I know I can not. 

Today Tracy brought Bub to me and that was nice seeing most all my driving these days is back and forth from her house. booo.. I love keeping my Bub though.. :) We have already had two big bobo's today. Bub hit Lill in the head with a hard plastic star wand and she has two bloody holes in the top of her head. The he pinched his fingers in the clip to a back pack.. ooo  Boys are to destructive. lol.. Well they are both feeling better now so we just had snack and are going to go play out side b4 nap time.. late.   


October 2012

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